What Is SD-WAN?

The definition of SD-WAN is software-defined networking in a wide area network. Wide area networks (WAN) connect computers all around the world, which is important in the global day and age. SD-WAN is an enhanced form of WAN. It uses software to make IT work faster, more effective and cheaper. Overall, it is a better way to manage long-distance networks. SD-WAN simplifies many of the processes that go into managing a WAN.

Previously, a control plane would involve manual programming to oversee the network, but with SD-WAN, all these settings are grouped in one place. This way, the entire network can be supervised easily and from one place. This central management portal allows businesses to take advantage of broadband connections instead of the more expensive, private alternative, MPLS.

Overall, SD-WAN can reduce costs and increase the performance of the network of any business and is the modern solution to the issues of complexity in WANs. It simplifies the process of configuring new or present IT infrastructure. It is also easy to implement when a business does decide to switch to this easier method of network access and management. If you want to know more about what is SD-WAN, visit Field Engineer. 

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